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 Christina & Diane 
Christina & Diane

Diane started stitching while studying in Germany some 35 years ago. Her daughter took up the needle as a youngster. After moving back to the states in 1985, they found it difficult to get supplies. Often, they would plan a trip to Germany to "see friends and family" but also/really to stock up on Danish linen, thread, books, and kits. "That's an expensive hobby," says hubby. You guys should start your own business."

So, we did.

Why "Cantata"? Bach wrote many Cantatas, which are religious compositions performed by singers and choir with orchestral accompaniment. Diane likes to sing in the choir and her personal motto is a line from Dylan Thomas' poem Fern Hill "and I sang in my chains like the sea."

Diane and Christina, mother and daughter team, wish to spread the joy of Danish cross-stitch. It is a rewarding hobby, a simple, do-able art form. Airplane trips and waiting-room hours become very pleasant opportunities to make good progress on a project! The finished pieces will beautifully adorn the walls of your home.

Happy Stitching!
Diane & Christina


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